German Hospitality Industry is Booming!

High hotel occupancy figures in many German cities and ambitious growth plans tell us that the tourism industry in Germany is booming. The planning is that almost 762 new hotels with more than 111,000 rooms will be built in the coming years.

Although new hotels will also arise in secondary cities, the focus will lie on Germany’s leading business centres, such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf. The hospitality on offer in these cities is continually growing, because they are well-known tourism destinations and/or the headquarters of important companies. Most of the planned hotel openings will take place at smaller hospitality groups and independent hotel operators. However, some international groups and one leading domestic brand also plan to strengthen their position in Germany.

This trend will have a positive effect on the Textile Care Industry. Recent studies show that for three-quarters of the respondents, the laundry plays a vital role in hotel selection. And for two-thirds of the respondents, well-kept laundry is the equivalent of a ‘quality’place to stay. Conclusion:  the tourism industry in Germany booming … so will the hotel laundry business.