German Study: Despite Corona – Prospects for Workwear/PPE Are Positive!

How do Brexit, trade crises, and the pandemic affect the workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) industry? The German market research institute Marketmedia24 may have found some answers in their newly published study. Some outcomes of the Industry Report Workwear and Protective Clothing 2020 are presented below.

It is estimated ” that online retailers and rental service providers will benefit in the coming ten years. Their market shares are expected to rise from 13.3 to 35.8 percent by 2028. Sales are also expected to increase. Sales in the workwear sector are currently 20 percent above the 2010 figure , and well over 5 percent above the reference value in the personal protective equipment (PPE) sector.

Although the economy is weakening at the moment, the surveyors foresee that the low could be overcome in 2022. Especially since sectors that were little affected by the corona crisis , such as health care, trade and services, generated more than half of their sales. The increasing shortage of skilled workers has made work clothing and PPE a means of employee loyalty and for better health protection. Visually and functionally upgraded collections have also changed the price level, so that sales in the industry are also expected to rise owing to this development.