Germany-based CWS transforms – from towel holder to world improver

After the joint venture with the Rentokil-Initial company, CWS-boco – once a manufacturer of washroom hygiene products such as towel holders and soap dispensers as well as suppliers of workwear – is now just CWS. From now on, the three letters no longer stand for founder Conrad Wolfgang Schnyder, but for the new claim “Clean Well Well Safe”.

CEO Thomas Schmidt: “We have changed the entire organization. Instead of a country organization as before, we now have an organization by divisions based on the six pillars of hygiene, mats, fire protection, workwear, clean room and health & care.” Maren Otte, Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Responsibility: “The new strategy is towards being a solution provider. For instance, instead of selling products for hand hygiene, we want to make sure that proper hand washing does not spread disease, and instead of renting working clothes we want to protect people from accidents at work.”

At the same time the company has developed a new modern and eye-catching appearance focused on topics such as environmental protection. Schmidt: “Together with our 10.800 employees we want to make a new start which is also a visible beginning in red and pink.”