GINETEX Research: 80% of the Europeans Find Textile Care Labels Useful

GINETEX has published the results of the 3rd IPSOS European Barometer 2021, titled “The Europeans and the textile care labels”.

Every two years, the survey is carried out in seven European countries: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Spain. Here are the main findings of the research:
— More than 8 out of 10 Europeans find that the textile care label is useful. 74% find it useful in Spain and 87% in Sweden.
— The vast majority (71% ) of Europeans follow the care instructions. 81% follow them in Sweden, compared to only 65% in the United Kingdom.
— 74% of Europeans never or rarely buy a garment without a care label.
— Europeans want to buy in a more ethical and responsible manner. 65% of them want to see more environmental information on their textiles’ care labels. In this respect, they would preferably like to see: a highlight on ecological care recommendations (65%), the creation of an environmental eco-score (56%), or a focus on the proportion of recycled fabrics (57%)

This study was conducted by the IPSOS institute, for GINETEX, the International Association for Textile Care Labelling, on a sample of 1000 people aged 18 to 65 in each of the 7 countries (i.e. a total of 7000 people): France, Germany, The Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy and Spain.