Girbau ironing lines optimised in energy efficiency

Girbau – a leading company in comprehensive professional laundry solutions – has collaborated with the industrial supply company SMC in optimising the energy efficiency of its ironing lines. The lines consist of 4 units: a front feeder that leads to the ironing unit, followed by the folder and stacker. The lines may measure as much as 15 metres long and 4 metres wide and are able to iron and fold up to 1,200 articles per hour.

Process optimisation was based on introducing 6 pressure levels in the ironing rollers. Applying the correct pressure on each fabric, guarantees that the various items will suffer less and the quality of their finish will increase. SMC also collaborated on improving existing lines in order to reduce energy consumption.

To this end, the optimisation has been well received by the company’s customers and has allowed improvement of its ironing products and services by offering a better treatment for fabrics, an increase in ironing process cycles for linen, a reduction in costs deriving from an energy saving of up to 30% and an improvement in maintenance work for end users.