Girbau launches space-saving integrated ironing system

In order to provide a response to space or accessibility issues in laundries that need an ironing system that can deal with high throughputs, Girbau recently launched its Compact PRO. The machine has five different functions – at a speed of up to 25 metres per minute: feeding, drying, ironing, folding and stacking. Apart from that, it fits into a very small space, just 20 m2.
The new machine, which can be used for 1, 2 or 4 lanes, with 1 lane for sheets, 2 for tablecloths and 4 for small items such as serviettes or pillowcases), offers increased throughput thanks to its heating power. This makes it possible to iron linen directly without needing to put it through the dryer first. Thus saving the time and energy that is needed in the drying process. Apart from that, heat zones are controlled separately, saving up to 30% on energy. The system can process items of all kinds, no matter their shape and size.

The company states that the arrangement of the two circuits of straps prevents marks on linen. The treatment applied to the cylinder ensures both high-quality ironing and delicate care of the linen, thus prolonging textile life.