Girbau (Spain) launched Mobile Laundry Mini

Girbau has launched Mobile Laundry Mini, a new concept of transportable, adaptable plug&play self-service laundry designed specially to be operated at retail sites like supermarkets and other establishments like petrol stations, hotels and campsites, thanks to its unique features.

It takes about the same time to run a load of laundry with the Mobile Laundry Mini, about 40-50 minutes, as it does to do the weekly shopping at the supermarket.

The new portable laundry solution comes in container format that is no more than 3.5 metres long, designed especially for transport. Mobile Laundry Mini comes in four different models in different sizes depending on the number and type of washers and dryers clients want to include.

Clients can adapt and personalise this machine to the containers used to suit their specific needs without having to design complex installations. All they have to do is plug the machines into a power socket and have a water hook-up and drain available.

The washers and dryers in this machine feature power, plumbing and gas installations made of high-quality materials, designed for easy maintenance.