In spite of difficult market circumstances some PTC companies seem not to have been in great difficulty. To the contrary, they have invested in new technologies and/or market development and/or new sustainable services. They upgraded processing , focussed on new client demands and improved their performance to customer satisfaction.

Hence, CINET launched the 4th edition of the Global Best Practices Awards 2022 at EXPO Detergo 2022 to be organised October 20th and 21st in Milan.

Earlier events raised a lot of positive PR for the industry and indeed stimulated revenues and business development, as well as innovation to upgrade business models, meeting modern customer demands. Over 26.000 followers witnessed the last edition of the Global Best Practice Awards in PTC, streamed from Amsterdam November 2020.


Registration for all PTC companies worldwide is open. Applications can be send to the CINET secretariat. A Brochure with all details is available upon request. Full info can also be found on the CINET website.

GBPA 2022 Registration