Greek laundry Iliaktis installs ALPHA TW5 from Jensen

Quite a few ALPHA tunnel washers have already been sold to laundries accross Europe and the Americas, but the first installation of an ALPHA TW5 tunnel washer – the versatile tunnel washer that is claimed to re-use energy and water internally – was now successfully completed at Iliaktis laundry in Malia, a popular holiday destination on the island of Crete.

According to Jensen the tunnel’s highlights are: high quality, high value for money solution for customers who need dependable laundry machinery, higher efficiency productivity and wash quality. The design is claimed to be proven robust and reliable a thousand times under the most severe conditions. Improved geometry of the patented Archimedian helix makes efficient use of the drum diameter and enables high drop curves for outstanding wash action.  In short, tested wash action with proven results in money and energy savings.

Mr Georgios Chatzakis of Iliaktis Laundry has chosen this solution after having used the machines for over a year, viewing the quality of both the machine and the wash results. Apparently the company has confidence in the tunnel, since they have become one of the first ALPHA customers to place a second order. The new equipment – dryers and towel folders – will be installed this month.