Growth in multi-store ownership model within the laundry business

The official publication of the US Coin Laundry Association – Planet Laundry Magazine – recently covered a discussion of industry experts and veteran laundry operators who had observed developments in their sector. Most participants stated to have witnessed a growth of the ‘Multi-Store Ownership Model’. Although the majority of laundry owners are still single-store operators, the near future may well show this model to become the exception, rather than the rule.

Multi-store ownership appears to be caused by some a number of distinct reasons. First, the industry can be very profitable and literally change the lives of people and their families. Consequently, more sophisticated investors are being attracted that see the advantages of the industry as a whole and finallay, new technology is giving owners the freedom to remotely manage their laundries and solve customer problems from a distance.

Of course, single-store ownership will remain a significant part of the self-service laundry industry. It may not provide the owner with his income for 100 percent, but it can provide a good supplemental income.  Overall conclusion:  “The single-store model still does work, but  ambitious owners who know how to efficiently run their laundries will more and more grow beyond a single-store enterprise. Source: Planet Laundry Magazine