Gurtler introduces new EPA registered laundry sanitizer

Gurtler Industries, Inc., a major player in the healthcare laundry specialty chemical market, recently announced the introduction of Power Stat Plus, a new laundry sanitizer designed specifically for the fast-action of today’s modern tunnel operations.

This EPA Registered sanitizer can also be used as a residual bacteriostat or self-sanitizer, depending on the degree of fabric protection the user requires. Based on new, exclusive technology, it is aimed at the protection of healthcare textiles. Utilizing new, stringent EPA testing requirements, the new sanitizer is registered to perform with only three minutes of contact time.

The new product is a key part of the company’s Rx Program, which is designed to make healthcare textiles hygienically clean and to meet the latest microbiological quality standards. Besides, it is claimed to be highly cost-effective and specially formulated to meet the financial demands of the healthcare market.

The Gurtler company is a privately-held, family owned and operated business, which has grown into one of the main specialists in the laundry chemical supply industry. It offers a full line of processing chemicals, injection systems and personalized service across the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia.