Handling automation as Critical Succes Factor

Even if you have the cleanest laundry in town or offer the best prices in the neighborhood, what is essential in every laundry business is an effective conveyor system to move garments around quickly and efficiently. Conveyor systems are at the heart of every modern laundry – no matter its size.

Given the fact that the investments required are substantial, the need to perform a right decision-making process goes without saying. Space utilization is critical but also the level of technology employed should be considered. Too little and workers will have no idea when orders are complete, too much will lead to highly ineffective effects.

According to James Holt, managing director of UK based Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions Ltd, conveyors are not as expensive as believed to be and some dry cleaners seem to be unaware of the advantages of using a conveyor for garment storage. “ How dry cleaners and laundry owners can differentiate their business from their competitors,” says Holt, “is by making their business extremely efficient in the way staff handle their customers garment collection.” The systems also function as a major labour-saving device.  Conveyor systems are made in various shapes and sizes, linear, uphill or in the form of “I”, “L”, “U”, “T”, “X”, or “Z”, in continuous, double or faired providing maximum flexibility for storing clothes. Holt says the conveyors are manufactured in steel as standard and white, but they can be ordered in any of the RAL colour codes. It is also possible to install an automated collection booth controlled by magnetic cards where a customer can collect orders that are ready without even entering the shop – thus enabling a 24-hour service.  Holt thinks “such a business will be perceived by customers to be very professional.”