Handling Textiles after a Fire – the Ultimate Launderer Challenge!

Textiles that are damaged by fire usually have a smoky-smell and are at the same time damp or wet. Apart from that considerable water damage that causes shrinkage and colour change, may occur. And the damp materials may be affected by bacterial growth as well.

Recovery of the textiles not only depends on how quickly they can be brought to the laundry after the incident, but also how skilfully they are processed by the professional launderer and his staff. Laundries that offer recovery services after a fire, should use specialist processes to achieve the best possible results. As fires occur at random intervals, the first thing a laundry needs is sufficient transport and storage facilities. But also, trained staff who will be available when required. They should be willing to work overtime and get textiles from the affected premises as soon as they are permitted to enter the scene.

However, insurance matters might not only delay the removal of the textiles and endanger the cleaning process, but also put pressure on the launderer to return the cleaned goods in a very short time. Therefore, a professional launderer wants the job to be done properly without rushing the process, will have to stay ‘cool’ and give realistic expectations to all those concerned.