Hazard recognition in the workplace

Hazards are all around us. Some are easy to see, many are not. The trick is learning to spot the hidden hazards.

For being able to do so, you need to anticipate the possible outcomes of your actions. Such as, imagine walking around a corner with your hands full and ask yourself: “What could go wrong here?” First of all, you might run into another worker coming around the corner, or drop what you’re carrying and trip over it. To prevent incidents like these, you could go around the corner with a wider berth or ask someone to help you carry your load.

A American National Safety Council research has shown that preventable workplace deaths have increased by nearly 18% since 2009. According to NSC, hazards that may be hidden in your workplace include:
Lighting: Burnt-out light bulbs can make hazards hard to spot, so replace those bulbs immediately.
Air quality: If exposed to fumes, chemicals or exhaust at work, make sure exhaust fans are running.
Overexertion: Experiencing muscle strains or stress on your body when performing job tasks.

In short, by practicing this type of thinking & acting, both employers and employees can help eliminate – sometimes dangerous – incidents from occurring. After all, working safe is working better!