High-Capacity ED900 completes Girbau’s ED Dryer Range

Girbau has added a new high capacity model to its energy efficient ED range of dryers. The new ED900 has a 900-litre drum and 45 kgs capacity, making it suitable for commercial laundries and larger on-premise laundries in hotels and spas.

Like all models in the ED range, the new model is available with gas, electric of steam heating options. The new model joins the existing ED260, ED340, ED460, ED660 and ED1250 with capacities ranging from 14.5 to 62.5 kgs. All ED Series dryers feature the company’s so-called “transflow” technology, based on a combination of both radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency and drying throughout the drum, reduced cycle times and lower energy consumption.

Some other features that are claimed to be attractive are the heat capture cabinet insulation and the double-glazed door to further optimise energy efficiency and prevent heat escaping to the laundry. But also the highly efficient ED900 with gas heating that offers two drying cycles per hour and consumes just 1.16 KWh/l. Then there is the reliable and accurate built-in humidity control system automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cooling down process while maximising energy efficiency and assuring textile care.