High interest Corona Webinar for NETEX (NL) members

NETEX (The National Dry Cleaners Association in The Netherlands) organized Tuesday April 7. A webinar on the theme of coronavirus, its impact on the sector and measures to deal with this new issue properly. 

Participants received an explanation of the developments from the beginning of this year; how the new virus was received with some skepticism and the huge impact worldwide after a few weeks. In parallel with these developments, NETEX started early with initiatives and actions to bring the interests of the sector to the attention of the Dutch government.

The latter is really necessary; based on an inventory amongst members, it became clear that the consequences for the sector and in particular most individual companies will be dramatic when the Dutch government would fail in supporting the sector. Fortunately, the efforts are not in vain. Meanwhile, first positive initiatives were taken to support the industry. Small companies can apply for an initial coverage of cost of Euro 4.000, as well as support on income and cost of wages. It certainly is not sufficient yet, but the fist step has been set.

In addition to these support measures, based upon legal regulation and expert advise, Corona protocols were developed and communicated to the members, as well as a variety of other supporting initiatives for the Dutch industry.  Participants responded positively and  a second webinar about this item was immediately scheduled for later in the same week.