H&M Group saves damaged garments in first ever ‘Restore’ Collection

The Laboratory and COS of the H&M  Group have partnered with The Renewal Workshop to make a “first of its kind” collection, consisting of former unsellable clothing that has been mended and brought back to the assortment. Laura Coppen, Circular/Sustainable Business Development  The Laboratory of the H&M Group states:

“The ‘Restore’ collection is an important test to stretch our thinking around new Business Models for a Circular Economy. We have a big responsibility with the scale and impact we currently have on the environment. We carefully select our partners, and The Renewal Workhop is a leading provider of circular solutions for textile brands, which aligns with H&M Groups circularity vision. As an example, the cleaning process for the items in this collection, uses state of the art waterless technology, which saves water and leaves no water contaminated. Thanks to impact data collected from a third party, we can see exactly how much water, Co2, and energy we save by rescuing these products and making this collection. This information will also be displayed publicly in the stores where the collection will be sold.”

The Restore collection was launched on the 4th of September and will be available exclusively in three COS stores located in Berlin, Stockholm and Utrecht.