Holistic concept in Germany for structural time-saving in laundry process cycle!

The Carl-von-Hess Social Foundation in Hammelburg, Germany makes time-saving a routine in their daily processes.

The Foundation has seven houses in which they offer 466 places for in-patient or short-term care in a single or double room, as well as offers for day care and service living. Every day, 750 kilograms of laundry are processed efficiently, economically and with the most modern technology. Every detail in the laundry cycle is decisive. Thanks to a holistic concept, the ten employees in the laundry are above all gaining time. Apart from the right equipment, this also includes the construction and installation plans, the training of the employees and a full service package.

Most of the time is being saved in the sorting, enabled by the use of modern RFID technology. A screen shows in which compartment the laundry must be sorted, and a green light flashes in front of the compartment. As a result, no textile is sorted wrong and time is being saved.