Hospital bottom-lines positively affected by IPs having effective linen strategies

When it concerns healthcare textiles (HCTs), the focus of most infection preventionists (IPs) has logically been related to the implementation of an infection prevention strategy.

However, in our age of decreasing resources and funding, developing an effective linen strategy can give IPs considerable opportunities to demonstrate positive, measurable bottom-line value and increase their influence over policy and decision-making in this field. Their success depends on the choices they make and on having an understanding of the end-to-end linen and laundry value proposition, regardless of whether the hospital has an on premise laundry or an outsource solution.

The more IPs understand where their value lies, the more influence they will have and the greater the bottom-line impact. Some key considerations where an IP can make a difference: linen vendor choice, linen weights, usage of low temperature chemicals, the choice between disposable vs. reusable, linen care and linen management. Most of all, a good partnership with the healthcare laundry is vital. To achieve that, open communication, cooperation and collaboration will be needed in order to gain the desired outcomes which will no doubt result in a measurable, bottom-line value.