Hospitality In 2025: Automated, Intelligent…And More Personal

A recent research study – conducted by Oracle Hospitality in partnership with Skift – examines how guest expectations have changed over the past two years and how hotels are accommodating these shifts. ‘The Hospitality in 2025: Automated, Intelligent…and More Personal’ report surveyed 5,266 consumers and 633 hotel executives in the spring of 2022.

The study found that 73 percent of travellers want to use their mobile device to manage their hotel experience, such as checking in and out, ordering food, and more. Apparently, travellers are also looking to personalize their journey even more by picking their exact room and floor and paying for only the amenities they want. They even want to pre-screen properties in the metaverse (68%). Apart from that, 74% are interested in hotels using AI to better tailor services and offers, such as room pricing or food suggestions and discounts. Almost 40% of hotel executives see this ‘unbundled’ model as the future of hotel revenue management.

Additionally, the survey found that 92 percent of travellers do not miss being around other people while at a hotel property. Besides, 73 percent are more likely to stay at a hotel that offers self-service technology that minimize contact with the staff and other guests.