Hospitality Laundry – a Rough But Positive Road Ahead!

The beginning of 2021 remains a struggle for the commercial laundry business. Fortunately, a recent survey conducted by TripAdvisor, indicated that nearly 70% of hotel clickers were booking domestic trips, with the summer months being the most popular months for domestic vacations. Moreover, nearly half of all respondents globally say they are planning to travel internationally in 2021.  In view of those findings, the company states to be optimistic and continue to make investments to grow and improve its business.

The negative effects of COVID-19 worldwide has not only affected the airline, hotel and restaurant industries, but the virus has also been catastrophic for  businesses that service and support these industries.

PureStar – a provider of outsourced laundry and linen services to the hospitality industry with over 1,000 hospitality partners across 31 facilities in North America – is one of these businesses.

The company was processing for more than 200,000 rooms a day before COVID-19 hit. In the few weeks after shut down of non-essential business, hotels, casinos, and restaurants, their monthly volume dropped to just over 7,000 rooms. The drop in volume forced the company to adjust operations quickly. They consolidated volume in facilities where possible and transitioned all facilities to single-shift operations.