Hospitality Operator Forum 2022

Launched in 2018, the Hospitality Inside Think Tank – HITTis an informal English-speaking
networking event on a solar-powered ship for experts from inside and outside the industry, such as  senior executives and experts from hotel operations, hotel real estate, finance, sustainability, digital transformation, legal and HR companies.

Here are some highlights of the 28th edition – recently held in Berlin:

  • The digital travel actors have become more powerful in recent years.
  • American actors are diversifying and accelerating in the rest of the world, particularly in Europe.
  • China’s logic is to create its own champions.
  • The difference in average price between weekdays and weekends marks the break that Covid has brought to the sector.
  • The move from standardisation to hybridisation was envisioned, as well as the development of business models for inexpensive accommodation requirements for new target groups, such as the international Hosho project.