Hospitality Project development and investment in the world ahead?

For one day The Paris Asset Forum >hospitality is the place where the industry’s leading hotel investors, developers, operators and owners in Europe come together to connect and make deals.

The 2021 edition took place on 30th  November and attendants have taken a close look at the signs of tourism investment in pandemic times.

It was a day of sharing signals to take the pulse of the sector and assess the pace of recovery. General focus points were ‘how attractive is the hospitality sector compared to other investment sectors and why’? And ‘what are the mechanisms for post-crisis value creation’?

Some questions that were dealt with were:  what are the indicators that will drive players like Primonial REIM – with a portfolio of 32 billion assets – to enter the hospitality market ? What are the paths and goals over the next 5 years ? What was the impact of the pandemic crisis on the hospitality sector and what implications does it have on what can be offered in terms of investments ? What is the pace of recovery in European destinations and why ? And finally: How to balance investments during this period?