Hospitality Re-opening ‘Best-Practice’? White Table Linen!

A recent study has shown that bare tables in restaurants are fifth on the list of ‘Dirtiest Places in Restaurants’. They are scoring ahead of toilet door handles and taps. Various studies have also shown that –  if they are not cleaned correctly –  table surfaces can hide germs and provide a breeding ground for microscopic bacteria.

On the other hand, tablecloths can provide a five-times-cleaner surface and are touched only at the corners by the server laying the cloth and by the restaurant guests when necessary. Besides, a fresh set of hygienically laundered linen can provide peace of mind in the mind of a customer as well as  it can prevent contamination. An finally, reusable linen is far more sustainable than disposable paper placemats and napkins, and if laundered correctly will stay looking clean for four years or more.

The setting of tables with linen can also act as a subtle marker to guests and staff as to which tables are available for use.  In view of social distancing measures, it could indicate seating availability without the need for alternative signage or unfriendly ‘don’t sit here’ notices. As Christeyns’ UK Operations Director Justin Kerslake says: “Nothing says clean more than immaculate, white table linen.”