Hotel rooms that clean themselves and make staff life easier? New experience in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen’s just-opened Hotel Ottilia is one of the first to use a self-disinfecting technology, for rooms to fully disinfect itself each morning without housekeeping lifting a finger. The hotel has partnered with Danish company ACT.Global in order to use its ACT CleanCoat technology, which is transparent, odourless, and activated by sunlight.

In tests from national research organizations such as Denmark’s National Research Centre for the Working Environment, the antibacterial spray has been shown to break down microbes that range from influenza and salmonella to mould spores and allergens. Karim Nielsen, CEO of Brockner Hotels, the Ottilia’s parent company: “We’ve been testing this system for two years and what really appealed to us was that it would make life so much easier for our staff. They can vacuum, dry-clean linens, and wipe down surfaces, and CleanCoat does the rest. Guests also benefit: Their rooms are cleaned faster without using chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.”

Nielsen: “The technology is expensive, but we’ve reduced the labour load by 50 percent. It’s giving our staff a much easier day, at the same time is can reduce our water consumption. An additional benefit is cutting down on maintenance costs.”