How Can Hygiene Be Used as a Driver for New Clients in Corona Times?

Several drycleaning and wetcleaning companies, franchise chains, National Associations and international suppliers joined an unique knowledge and experience sharind session during the CINET Webinar on HOW TO USE HYGIENE AS A DRIVER FOR NEW CUSTOMERS IN CORONA TIMES, held at the beginning of July for companies in retail textile cleaning RTC.

Hygiene first

The Webinar was moderated by Peter Wennekes (President & CEO of CINET), who delivered an updated overview of the Global PTC industry impacted by Corona with exclusive reports from companies and countries that are in different phases of the pandemic. Specific challenges were discussed live with some of these companies’ representatives. Leon Wennekes (CINET’s Secretary General) presented a new perspective on how to apply hygiene in RTC companies in order to generate new business. Successful examples from all over the world were showcased. The expert opinion on hygiene demands, processes and international standards was presented by Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer (Technological Knowledge Textile Care Center – TKT). In this context, Frank Aarts (Executive Director CERCLEAN / CERTEX International Certification) underlined the importance of certification in order to build trust for the customer. In the Webinar’s last segment, Nicolae Damu (CINET International Marketing & Communication) announced the Global Best Practices Awards Program’s 2020 updates and a call-2-action for the free participation at the event that will be streamed live from Amsterdam (NL) on 4-5 November 2020.

From Left to Right: Mr. Peter Wennekes (CINET’s President & CEO),  Mr. Frank Aarts (Executive Director CERCLEAN / CERTEX International Certification) and Mr. Leon Wennekes (CINET’s Secretary General)

CINET’s Protocols, a source of inspiration for building customer confidence and boosting sales .

During the seminar Mr. Dominador Asis (Director METROPOLE Laundry & Dry-Cleaners, Inc Philippines) shared his company’s successful post-Corona story: “We had to close all 52-branches and 2-central facilities in the middle of March. We’ve learned from CINET Webinars about the 5-day-rule for storing the contaminated textiles and we decided to apply it in our facilities at the reopening. We communicated it heavily among our customers. This allowed us meanwhile to already reach 60% of the revenue levels before the Corona outbreak.”


A common focus on hygiene keeps local communities together

Another impressive example was showcased by Acorns of Lancashire, a laundry from United Kingdom. Mr. Brendan Duffy (Company Director) underlined the importance of a common approach in the local community in facilitating a steady recovery of businesses in a safe environment. Below you can find the movie sent to CINET by Acorns of Lancashire for this Webinar.




The CINET Webinar are a part of CINET’s international open-platform initiative for knowledge and experience sharing during the Corona crisis. Benefitting or the support of reputed Professional Textile Care experts, one of the goals of this initiative is to disseminate globally the Corona Protocols and Recommendations.

The CINET Coronavirus Protocols and Recommendations for the Professional Textile Care industry, as well as the presentations of the CINET Corona Webinars from both Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services can be found on the WOPCOM platform (link – here).

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