How hospitality will recover!

The impact of the (travel) restrictions of the hospitality industry and, as a consequence, on the Professional Textile Care sector, is severe, but the forecast is optimistic. Recently Vanguélis Panayotis – an expert in the hotel and tourism industry – shared his observations on the current transformation of the hospitality sector on an international hospitality channel. Here is a summary of his perceptions:

Desirability is central to the hospitality business. It is a profession of contact and welcome. One of the drivers of success has been innovation and the sector has seen profound changes in  the past decades, such as the democratization of travel and accommodation, particularly with budget hotel chains, and digitalization.

However, since consumers want to give more meaning to their consumption, a decline in mass tourism will be followed by more tailor-made and individualized tourism. At a time when co-working and co-living are becoming more and more commonplace, and when “staycation” and “workation” are emerging, it is necessary for operators to adapt to the exponential development of teleworking. Who will lead the transformations in the sector?