How (NOT) to drive your customers away ….

According to the Huebsch company, laundry investors and laundromat owners sometimes may get out-of-touch with their customer’s needs and wants. Without realizing they offer mediocre products, services, and customer support. Then they are wondering why their business doesn’t seem to grow and thrive. In order to prevent a dip in customer loyalty and satisfaction, the company has some advice for ambitious laundry business owners who seek growth andloyal customers:

  • Keep your laundry equipment up to date and in sufficient quantities to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Make technology part of your everyday life and use it throughout your facility.
  • Keep your laundry clean.  No customer will ever complain that a facility is “too clean.”.
  • Pay attention to the outside of the building and your parking lot — this is what customers see first.
  • Good companies deliver good customer service. Research shows that 89% of consumers have switched to a competitor due to poor customer service.
  • Finally, online presence is the basis of contemporary business. At a minimum, your laundry should have a website that is mobile-friendly, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines like Google. Customers should be able to find your contact information, address, business hours, and services quickly and easily.