How to become a Master in PTC (Professional Textile Care): E-WETCLEAN EXCELLENCE

The E-WETCLEAN EXCELLENCE course is a part of the e-learning courses for the Retail Textile Cleaning specialists aiming to focus on how to operate the textile cleaning process on a safe and sustainable way. Optimisation of the process to increase energy efficiency, sustainability and safety for operators, employees and the environment is part of this level. This level will provide the knowledge to operate textile care according to the best practices.

Among the course’s chapters, you can find the following:
• Wet clean processes
• Machine technology for wet cleaning

By attending the (online) E-WETCLEAN EXCELLENCE course from the Level B of The World of PTC Business School, you will gain and strengthen the following skills:

1) Have a basic understanding of the wet cleaning process

  • Have knowledge of professional wet cleaning processes
  • Have knowledge of the cleaning performance of the wet cleaning process.
  • Understands the Sinner’s circle
  • Have understanding of the differences between wet cleaning and laundry processes

2) Have a basic understanding of a wet cleaning machine

  • have knowledge of the process cycles in a wet cleaning machine
  • have knowledge of solvent flow schemes in a wet cleaning machine
  • have knowledge of wet cleaning machine technology

3) Have to basic knowledge of water quality

  • What is water quality
  • How can the water quality be improved
  • What is the water consumption of a wet cleaning machine

The World of PTC – Business School is a training initiative developed by CINET in cooperation with international suppliers, specifically designed for professional laundry and dry cleaning stakeholders. Through this initiative CINET aims to strengthen and stimulate the development of the PTC (Professional Textile Care) industry.

You will find easy accessible information on Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services on the following levels:

  • Starters (Level C): Basic level of education and knowledge for people who likes to start in the textile cleaning industry:
  • Operational Excellence (Level B): Advanced level for operators, employees for detail knowledge and skills of the textile cleaning process
  • Management (Level A): Excellent level for managers and employees on legislation, improvement methodologies, operational management, business modelling & cost structures and marketing

The product range of The World of PTC – Business School consists of E-learning & (on the job) Training courses, Practical Workshops & Webinars and a vast PTC online library & Book series. Select the courses that match your professional (both individual and company) needs and become a Master in PTC!

More info, on the E-WETCLEAN EXCELLENCE course  in The World of PTC – Business School – here!