How to differentiate in the launderette business? Some attractive tips from Malaysia!

BubbleLab is a fast expanding laundrette group in Malaysia. One of their main strengths has been to create their own unique atmosphere. They use dynamic colours and make it seem as if you are doing laundry in an under-sea environment, with fish and whales “swimming” past on the walls, with a blue sky and clouds on the ceiling.

“Laundry can be so much fun.” On top of their fun decor, they create an entertaining environment for the user with Wi-Fi, TV, radio, chill-out space and a children’s playground. “Cleaner, Faster and Cheaper.” The company has chosen Primus durable and reliable equipment to ensure the services promised. For instance, they program three rinses per cycle to maximise wash performance, taking into account Malaysian water quality.

Some other practices they use to boost laundromat usage:

  • Clear rules (with signs) to help maintain clean stores.
  • Clear signage and instructions help customers save time and simplify the laundry process.
  • Easy payment (coin exchanger).
  • Multi-language instructions attract different populations.
  • Price promotions to boost traffic during low-traffic hours. Reducing the peaks and valleys of busy/slow times enables the laundry to effectively serve more customers.