How to find the perfect RFID for your laundry

As little as two years ago a blogger wrote “Millions of dollars are lost every year through linen loss. Problematic areas include items that are trashed instead of being sent to the laundry.” Staff of hotels, hospitals, and other care facilities got the blame. A properly maintained linen inventory log book would be the answer to this problem, according to the writer of the blog.

It’s a good thing we have RFID now. Some guidelines for choosing the right RFID tag for your business:

Not all tags can withstand sterilization and/or high water pressure water extractors. Size of tags plays an important role in your choose, sewing tags into the seams of items is best, however tag size is critical if you plan to do so. Slightly larger, heat-sealable tags work very well in industrial uniforms and standard linens. But they are a lot less appealing for more high-end items such as uniforms for hotel staff. Some tags can be directly sewn onto items, but this certainly does not apply for all items, or all tags. If you wish to use pouches to attach tags to items, smaller tags are the way to go. Please ask permission if customer-owned items are being tagged, make sure you have approval. You might find that using two different tags is the correct choice. It may be necessary to choose a provider that can source several types of tags.