How to identify and avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius), are a so-called parasite. Like many other parasites, such as mosquitoes or fleas, bed bugs feed on blood, preferably from humans and usually at night. The bite can cause an allergic reaction resulting in small red dots.

Professional textile care experts at Christeyns have composed an expert flyer about the identification and treatment of this widespread plague. In recent years, the number of bed bugs infestations has risen explosively. The parasites occur in hotels, but also increasingly in people’s homes. The causes are various: for instance by booming international travel, resistance to certain insecticides and global warming.

In the laundry, infested linen should be washed in a normal white- or coloured wash process, followed by a drying process via a tumble dryer, tunnel finisher or mangle. Laundry owners could help to avoid the plague by advising their customers to install a separate luggage rack in the hotel rooms in order to prevent contact with the bedding. Apart from that they could help by defining some of the symptoms to recognise the parasite, such as the dark spots of the faeces of a bed bug and the sweet almond scent if they are present in large numbers.