How to Upgrade Your Laundry Business!

An American laundromat owner who has expanded in the past few years, gained a lot of experience with ‘retooling’ the stores. He found out that it is a learning process, and that it takes time to identify the best practices. CINET presents his main tips:

  1. Give customers more choices. For instance, various payment methods – credit cards, cash, coins, and through their phones.
  2. Whether it is for adding enough air conditioning capacity to cool down a store or to redesign space usage, hire a quality architect and experienced engineers. They are worth it!
  3. Replace everything that needs to be replaced. If something looks old, it probably is old. New plumbing, electrical and other infrastructure will initially cost a lot, but it may cause less problems later.
  4. Flooring gets damaged when it is laid before painting or the instalment of laundry equipment. Therefore be patient and install the floors at the end of the process.
  5. Ask questions with a number of reliable contractors. The resources, information and experience available will help in each retooling process and in the overall decision-making.

Last but not least, keep the customer in mind. From convenient hours to a look and feel that will bring them back. To your laundry..!