Hydro Connect IoT Platform aims at problem-solving by total solutions approach

Recently Hydro Systems – an independent manufacturer of chemical proportioning and dispensing systems introduced ‘Hydro Connect’, its cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

The platform aims at providing chemical providers and end users increased visibility into their operations, besides it is to optimize production, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Hydro Connect will be introduced to the industrial laundry market first, with products in facility cleaning later on. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Hydro Connect populates data generated from the Dositec central dosing system, already operating in industrial laundries worldwide. Data transmits from the unit to the Hydro Connect system using a 3G Cellular Modem and a 250 MB/month data package.

“With Hydro Connect, we aim to solve real business problems through a total solutions approach,” said Serge Joris, President and CEO.  And John Goetz, the company’s Global Product Manager states: “Industrial laundry is a natural, inaugural environment. These sites produce high volumes of data and use large amounts of chemical, energy, water and labour. Hydro Connect can help industrial laundries harness, analyse and use this data to cut back on wasted product, emergency maintenance calls and expensive repairs.”