Hydro Systems unveils multiple dosing system for OPL

Hydro Systems – a provider of chemical dispensing and dosing solutions – has launched the Multi-Washer 3000 Series with EvoClean for reliable chemical dispensing for on-premise laundries. The system is to support up to three washers and dose up to eight products. Apart from that it is claimed to offer detailed reporting and it is designed to help reduce water, energy and rewash costs.

Featuring PCB-based control, the system uses the EvoClean’s venturi dosing technology to deliver precise doses under 30 mL /1 oz and is easy to adapt and maintain. It does not use squeeze tubes that negatively impact accuracy and it is not subject to deterioration like similar technologies.

The system also influences Hydro Connect  – a cloud-based management tool, that gives laundries insightful data and recommendations to improve operational efficiency and profitability. This tool also enables remote configuration changes from any global location with an internet connection. Users can drastically reduce maintenance costs by adding a formula, changing a dosing amount, or switching the dosing mode without traveling to a site.