Hydrofinity Licensing Agreements secured in UK & USA

Hydrofinity – a division of Xeros Technology Group (XTG) – has announced it has moved to a licensing model in the UK and USA following similar agreements in international markets including: China, India, Dubai and South Africa.

The UK licencing model covers the fields of chemistry supply and service & maintenance. The companies enclosed are WashCo for laundry equipment maintenance,Zep UK Ltd. for chemical suppy. The USA Licensing Model covers the whole of the US apart from California and Arizona. The partnering companies are Eastern Laundry Systems for service, repair, chemistry supply for Hydrofinity laundry equipment across the country; as well as sales management of new Hydrofinity equipment in the same regions. For California and Arizona Wash IQ will service, repair and supply chemistry for Hydrofinity laundry equipment throughout these two States.

As part of the move, Hydrofinity USA will undertake a programme of site consolidation, centralising manufacturing and business support functions within its headquarters in England, streamlining back-office processes and maximising synergies across all products. Mark Nichols, Chief Executive of Xeros states: “These agreements are another step in the migration of our Hydrofinity business towards a full licensing model.”