Hygiene Alert: CANDIDA AURIS

In Asia Health Authorities are concerned about the rising numbers of Candida Auris infections but cases have been reported from countries all over the world. The infection is hard to treat and lethality is between 30 and 60%.

Candida auris is a yeast and spreads from person to person or by contact with contaminated surfaces or equipment.

The International Hygiene Advisory Committee has issued a Hygiene Alert which includes recommendations on how laundries can deliver hygienically clean linen which has been contaminated  and thus help to prevent the spread of Candida Auris. You can download the Hygiene Alert here.

The objective of the International Hygiene Advisory Committee is to create consistent recommendations for the laundries, their customers [such as hospital, food and hospitality industry] and their staff. This in order to maximise hygiene awareness and minimise or even better avoid any hygiene related incidents. Monitoring epidemiologic outbreaks is one of the tasks of the Committee to inform stakeholders in an early stage and to evaluate whether recommendations are required.