Hygiene alert for restaurants: Linen require Corona-free tables!

When developing CINET Corona protocols, a lot of work is being done to find safe ways to serve customers, including in the catering industry. Table linen & work clothing can provide a significant part of this support.

Following several studies over the years, bacteria have been shown to remain in abundance at uncovered tables, even if cleaned after each dinner. A recent TRSA study reported that table linen results in a 5 times as clean table surface. In addition, guests only use their own set of table linen as it is always changed and waiters or waitresses only have to touch the corners of a tablecloth. This reduces the chance of cross-contamination and allows guests to enjoy the catering industry with less risk.


Hygienically clean professional washing process

Industrial laundries can deliver hygienically clean laundry and are much better equipped with professional machinery than alternative or alternative solutions. CERTEX® and CERCLEAN® certified companies are specifically designed for this. CERTEX® CERCLEAN® certificates are based on ISO 9001 (quality) and EN 14065 (hygiene). This allows industrial textile services companies to take care not only of clean linen on the table, but also of hygienically clean work clothing for all employees on the floor and in the kitchen. The professional cleaning of work clothing results in a standard working method for all work clothing (compared to home washing), which reduces the risk of non-hygienic washing and guarantees the uniform quality & appearance of the clothing. To guarantee hygiene, the staff must of course receive a clean clothing set daily/per shift.