Hygiene Industry Masterclass For Professional Textile Care June 15th

CINET organizes a Master Class Hygiene for Industry. This segment has its own characteristics and requirements when it comes to hygiene. This Master Classes is part of a series of three. The Master Class for Healthcare took place on May 18th and the one for Hospitality on June 1st.

Hygiene requires a lot of attention
The ins and outs of hygiene in professional textile care are subject of the CINET webinars that are completely focused on hygiene. How to ensure hygienically clean textiles? How to protect your staff from contaminated textiles and working environments? You will receive all answers during the Masterclass Hygiene Industry.

The outbreak of corona has drawn our attention to hygiene and prevention. Social distancing, coughing in the elbow, mouth masks were some of the precautionary measures to prevent infection and its spread. CINET introduces protocols to ensure maximum protection of employees and to guarantee delivery of hygienically clean textiles.
However, off course corona is not the only threat. There are many more potential infections to be aware of and also bacteria and pests pose threats. Not only in health care and hospitality but also in the industry market sector.


Via this Masterclass, the esteemed and well known expert Mr. Simon Hemmes will share with you a systematic approach in how to find hidden pitfalls, how to deal with them and make sure that the end user and employees are always protected from being infected with microorganisms and other health risks that could originate from washed / cleaned textile[s] and processing these in PTC companies.


The Masterclass Hygiene PTC for Industry will take place on Wednesday June 15th (16.00 -18.00 hours CET).

The meeting will be recorded and made available for all participants via WOPCOM. The seminar ends with an exam leading to an official certificate when successfully completed.

Register now via cinet@cinet-online.com

Brief curriculum vitae Mr. Simon Hemmes (BSc)

After finishing his studies Chemical Engineering, Mr. Hemmes has been working for various companies developing detergents. After that he was Global Laundry expert for an international manufacturer/supplier and in this role advised laundries worldwide (75 countries.

Mr. Hemmes is now engaged in CINET projects, auditor for Cerclean® certification and also chairman of the CINET International Hygiene Advisory Committee.