Hygienically clean, corona free also for airliners!

These days the question was raised whether it might by possible that blankets used in airplanes can be a source of contamination and infection of Covid-19.

In the early days of corona, CINET has prepared protocols to prevent the risk of contamination and to ensure the delivery of corona free textiles and safe working conditions for employees of textile cleaning companies and industrial laundries.

The challenge for airline laundries is that most airline blankets are made-up of Modacryl or Micro fibre polyester. And these delicate fibres require mild laundry conditions – including low temperature wash processes.  The CINET protocols describe the essential parameters that influence hygienic processing.

One has to realise that all airline linen should be regarded as potentially contaminated linen and should be handled and processed accordingly. Or with other words: Hygienically safe linen can only be assured when the handling [sorting !] and laundry process follow the exact instructions as laid down in the CINET protocols.