Hygienically clean textiles: Böwe’s approach

Standard dry cleaning processes are suitable for cleaning sensitive textiles, but are not fully disinfectant. Böwe proposes a solution to still be able to realize a hygienic textile cleaning process. The proposed solution consists of the combination of a custom machine and a custom process.

Many machine parts, such as the water separator, the drum housing, the pin catcher and the tanks, are provided with a cataphoretic coating, which creates a very smooth surface that prevents bacteria from adhering. In addition, the water separator is equipped with an ozone installation and a UV unit to prevent bacterial growth in the water separator. To be able to disinfect the textile, the machine is equipped with a nebulizer, the Spraymatic, with which a disinfectant can be sprayed on the textile. This whole process is controlled automatically. Research conducted by Bőwe, where the log reduction was determined with a DES controller, shows that this could achieve the log reduction of 6 required for hygienic cleaning.

      Premium machinery, by Böwe

About BÖWE Textile Cleaning

The company supplies customers worldwide with high quality PERC and MultiSolvent dry cleaning machines. Böwe’s headquarters are located in Sasbach, Germany, but there is also an operation in Shanghai (China), with 31 staff members targeted to the Asian and US market. In Sasbach, it is located a the newly built laundry and finishing showroom that has been added to the existing Böwe showroom academy.