Impregnation services by PTC professionals – safety first & more business potential!

Walking in the rain for hours without getting wet? That is possible owing to your well-impregnated outdoor jacket or a well-impregnated umbrella. However, impregnation does not last forever and after-treatment of weather and outdoor clothing – preferably by a professional expert in the textile cleaning or laundry business – will be a necessity.

Impregnation gives treated materials altered functions and performance. In many cases it enables functioning as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Fire brigade clothing is impregnated so that the fabric does not absorb water, otherwise the wearer would be affected by the heat of the work environment. The impregnation of the surgical tissue should both prevent any germ-containing fluids from doctor to patient (eg sweat) and vice versa (blood, disinfectants, etc.) to be transmitted.

The most obvious reasons to choose professional impregnation are the advantage of more accurate dosage, correct concentration of the impregnating agent and adequate machine performance. However, customers may not even know that a textile cleaning or laundry offers such professional services. Based on the advantages mentioned, laundries and cleaning companies could promote themselves more and actively “praise” impregnation as an additional service to their customers.