In memoriam Frank Aarts

It is in great sorrow that we have to inform you that last Tuesday our esteemed collegue Frank Aarts has passed away at the age of 59 years old. Unexpectedly and without serious illness in advance.

As our Quality Manager and International Certification Executive he was a well-respected expert in the professional textile care industry. For some 14 years he contributed to numerous projects and events. He was committed to achieving results, servicing CINET members and others to the best of his abilities.

We will keep him in our thoughts as an expert with a typical sense of humor. A teamplayer who supported and inspired his collegues. He was especially appreciated because of his knowledge on a variety of topics in the field of international standards and certification.

On behalf of the CINET Board and members we wish his wife Lucienne, his brother Paul and the Aarts family every strength and good spirit to deal with this tragic loss.

Frank will be cremated Monday July 11th 2022 in a closed circle of friends and family.

CINET Board,
Peter Wennekes,