Industrial Laundries Go Digital in Corona Times

In its role as PTC’s global umbrella organization, CINET has initiated an international open-platform for knowledge and experience sharing during the Corona crisis. Benefitting or the support of reputed Professional Textile Care experts, one of the goals of this initiative is to disseminate globally the Corona Protocols and Recommendations. The most recent Webinars were focused on How to apply digitization and innovation as drivers for growth an for new customers in Corona times, held on September 16th 2020, for International Textile Services (ITS) companies.

Peter Wennekes mediated the ITS Webinar, which was divided into some major chapters. In the first segment,  “The need for PTC to change; reaching end of lifecycle in mature markets”, Peter Wennekes emphasized the potential of digitization and innovation in generating results during Corona time and strengthening the post-Corona market position through investment in innovation.

Customer segmentation, value proposition and continuous experimentation in terms of innovation. The next segment of the webinar was presented by Leon Wennekes on how is digitization applied to capture new customer groups, with a focus on new PTC Markets: insights, e-commerce & co-creation, as well as on digital marketing & (new) product development. In the showcases selected from all over the world, Leon Wennekes underlined the importance of data in order to generate customer segmentation based on profitability and growth potential. Continuous adaptation is essential in the current context.

Partners Presentations. The Digitization Webinar’s Partners, Electrolux Professional and Kannegiesser presented their company’s last developments on the field of innovation. Both partners had a clear message towards the advantages of digitization and how an accurate, real-time and continuous insight on business performance leads to the best decision on improving efficiency, customer service and ultimately generating profits. The conclusion is that this is the best time to invest in raising the standards an continuing to be ultra-efficient in all the aspects of the production management.

Hygiene and innovation go hand in hand. Christoph Richter, Global Segment Manager Consumer Operated & Cleaning Shops, Electrolux Professional presented the company’s developments on hygiene and innovation, with a focus on the OnE concept and the Line600 products. Among the strentghs of OnE, Mr. Richter has mentioned the following:

• A maximised use of equipment
• Lower running cost
• Saving labour
• More business

In optimizing the processes, every second counts! Matt Schaefer, TM Technical Marketing, Productmanagement / Projectmanagement Smart Laundry at Kannegiesser presented the German supplier’s SmartLaundry concept and its features aiming to increase productivity, diversity and delivery reliability. Integrating tailored digital solutions in a laundry increases the consistency caused by continuous linen supply, while having higher efficiency (higher utilization and higher active operator time) in paralel with direct productivity control with monitoring real-time KPIs. Mr. Schaefer also highlighted the optimized ergonomics in reaching the goal of a high productivity in the input performance of employees. ”


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