Industrial laundry, an eco-sustainable quality innovation

Circular economy is an economic system based on the re-use of materials in consecutive production cycles through accurate planning, which aims at the reduction of waste to the minimum. Having this concept in mind, Renzacci S.p.A based in Italy, a company active in both the dry-cleaning and wet cleaning industry, has invested significant resources in research on eco-compatible technologies development in connection with the design of washers.

The result is two machines which closely work together. The company’s sales director explains, ”One of them is a wet-cleaning Eco Care series machine and the other one is a closed-circuit dryer. The water used by the washer during a cycle, especially the water used in the rinsing stage, is completely recycled through a system called Super Storage System. It is placed under the machine, which is a space-saving solution, a crucial element in space management for laundries. Interestingly enough, the water recovered by the closed-circuit dryer (with a total air recovery due to the complete elimination of vacuuming hoods), as a result of its functioning process, is then re-directed and re-used in new washing cycles which determines a significant reduction in costs: saving up to 60% of water and 40% of energy.”

This is an extract of the article Industrial laundries, the eco-sustainable quality innovation, published in Detergo Magazine – June 2019.