Information & guidance needed in developing India Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Business

The laundry business in India is booming and growing fast with start-ups arising everywhere. Surprisingly, not only youngsters are enthusiastically entering the business, but seniors as well are making their way to a laundry entrepreneurship.

Although full of ideas and enthusiasm, many of those early starters are in need of information on how to actually start the business. For instance, information is needed on how to invest, which machines to install or should one opt for the franchise model or one’s own retail business.

In that respect the strategic partner agreement recently signed by CINET – the International Committee of Textile Care – and The Drycleaners & Launderers Association of India (DLAI), may prove to be beneficial. The Agreement’s strategic goal is to set-up a long term cooperation in order to facilitate and develop projects and activities focused on stimulating the development of a professional and healthy Textile Care industry in India.