Inforum’s Laundry Software, Used in a French Theme Park

The Puy du Fou theme park, located in Vendée region (France) integrated Inforum’s Brooclean software for the management of the cleaning of its costumes. Inforum, together with Thermotex have designed a complete solution, integrating both hardware and software for the laundry that  is directly integrated into the park, as well as a costume making workshop and several stock areas.

Rated among the best amusement parks in the world, The Puy du Fou park’s brief was to set up a traceability of the clothes and accessories of all the staff working there, going from the gardener to the comedians and to the horses. According to Entretien Textile, this involves garments for several thousand individuals with several tens of thousands of pieces of all kinds, all spread over thirty shows and a site of 55 hectares.