Inital Success for Dutch Laundry Recycling Programme

Since the launch of the recycling concept in August 2020, six tonnes of sorted laundry items have already been returned to Dibella in The Netherlands. The items are converted into new ones by the company in various re-use projects.

Their system includes unlimited reuse and recycling of the fibre raw materials bound in the laundry textiles. For instance, polyester-cot ton blended fabrics are processed there into high-quality bags. Pure natural fibre textiles as well as blended fabrics with at least 50 per cent cotton are chemically converted into an important raw material for cellulose fibre production.

Dutch textile service provider Lamme Textielbeheer has been involved in this Dibella sustainability project from the beginning. Jan Lamme – the company’s managing director – sees it as an important measure for a prudent use of resources. He explains that his company started to take back no longer usable old textiles and by now have already returned six tonnes of laundry for a new product cycle.