Innovation by UK-based Regenex lengthens (economic) linen-life

Regenex founders David Midgley, Paul Hamilton and Matthew Whitehead started their new commercial cleaning operation to decrease linen ‘waste’ from the hotel and hospitality sector, after a successful two-year pilot. Half a million pounds – plus 24 months of research and development – has been invested to devise a new solution to boost the amount of linen that can be reclaimed for reuse.

It is estimated that up to 50 per cent of the hotel linen is returned with stubborn stains and therefore considered to be ‘waste’. The environmental impact of this approach is enormous. The newly developed solution combines new techniques with sophisticated chemistry. It enabled to successfully process 300 tonnes of otherwise condemned material of which 100 per cent would have otherwise been ragged or landfilled. 74 per cent has been successfully reclaimed and returned to commercial laundries and hotels’ pool stock.

David Midgley, managing director of Regenex: “Our process can be adapted to all laundry sectors including hospitality, healthcare and workwear. We strongly believe that current, growing environmental awareness will put more and more pressure on textile processors and users and lengthening the life of linens can only be positive for the green credentials of laundries.”