Innovation from Sweden – No drinking water needed for future washing?

Imagine that the world’s washing machines no longer released hundreds of tons of microplastics into the oceans every year. Or that we could reuse the water. Sweden-based company Mimbly might soon be providing solutions to make these dreams come true.

In 2016 Chalmers students Isabella Palmgren and Daniel Colunga developed such a solution. In 2017, they started their company and won a place in IKEA’s accelerator program. Now, the company is almost ready to deliver the first batch of its boxes to real estate laundries, laundries and hotels.

According to CEO Palmgren, the company aims at environments where water consumption is greatest. Their boxes not only save up to 70 percent of water, they also collect data to see how much water and energy savings are being made. In the future, these data may contribute to better washing machines and detergents.